Why It's Necessary to Complete A Condition Report

condition report





Kristy Zhang

Why It's Necessary to Complete A Condition Report

condition report

A condition report records the general condition of the property, room by room, including fixtures and fittings.A landlord or agent must fill out a condition report before a tenant moves in. They must give two paper copies, or one electronic copy, to the tenant either before or at the time the agreement is given to the tenant to sign.Tenants must then complete their part of the condition report and return a copy to the landlord or agent within seven days of moving in. Tenants should also keep a copy of the condition report.The report should be filled out with as much detail and accuracy as possible. If there is a dispute about missing items or damage, the condition report can be used as evidence.

Did you know?

  • all damage, including minor damage, should be noted and described on the report
  • a landlord or tenant can take photos or videos to support the condition report
  • the report can be adapted to suit an individual property
  • a new condition report is not needed if the same people renew the tenancy agreement, or if a new co-tenant or occupant moves in
  • you should note any visible hazards relating to electricity (e.g. a loose or damaged electricity outlet socket, loose wiring or sparking power points)
  • Information on whether smoke alarms are installed (as required by legislation) and the dates that they were last checked and had battery replacement needs to be included
  • You need to confirm if there are any safety switches and if they are working, which can only be done if the agent or landlord and tenant has done a test.


Souuce: https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/housing-and-property/renting/starting-a-tenancy

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