Whose Responsibility to Maintain the Garden

Garden Maintenance Responsibility





Whose Responsibility to Maintain the Garden

Garden Maintenance Responsibility

Suppose you just moved into a rental property in Melbourne, whether it is a unit, townhouse or a house. You have a relatively large space than living in an apartment. If the property has a beautiful garden, it is definitely a bonus! You can enjoy the trees and lawns, especially in spring and summertime.  You can also have BBQ and family/friend gathering at your backyard.

Well, you also need to pay for the entertainment or the beautiful experience you have, not essentially financially, but also in some other forms.

Garden maintenance is obligatory for residents in VIC. Lack of maintenance can also lead to issues between tenants, landlords, or neighbors. So, who should be responsible for garden maintenance?

According to Victoria’s Leasing agreement, maintaining the garden is the responsibility of the tenant, unless terms are modified in your tenancy agreement. By saying garden maintenance, it includes mowing and edging the lawns, watering, weeding, pruning, and fertilizing. As a tenant, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the garden is maintained to the standard set at the beginning of the tenancy.

However, if there is an active owner who would like to give you assistance or leave a maintenance plaque near the letterbox, you are lucky! You could ask for professional gardeners for help. You need to make sure with your landlord which parts are looked after by your gardeners.

If you still have concerns about garden maintenance, check with your property manager and landlord to avoid any ambiguity. Property managers at Austrump will help you understand and do your responsibilities and with the help of a comprehensive Property Condition Report and regular inspections.

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