Why do we choose to live in an apartment in Melbourne?

advantages of living in apartments




Why do we choose to live in an apartment in Melbourne?

advantages of living in apartments

Residential space is quite important for people. Why do more and more people choose to live in apartments instead of houses? OK, first, let’s make it clear, who are these people? Mostly, students, single young people, young couples, a small family (usually with only one child), as well as retired couples.
Living in a house with a family is the traditional Aussie lifestyle. However, nowadays, living in apartments is getting quite popular. Not only the high-rise towers in Melbourne CBD but also some low-density ones in popular suburbs. Many apartment residents find that the unique benefits of the lifestyle suit them just as well, or even better than a house ever did.
What are the advantages of living in apartments? Below are some reasons that might give you some ideas.

1. Convenience
We choose our residency based on how much time it takes to our workplaces, supermarkets, restaurants, parks, schools, etc. Location is the key when it comes to convenience. Many of Melbourne’s newest apartments are located in CBD and the inner-city suburbs with real ‘walkability’ with facilities and 24-hour services.

2. Lifestyle
Apartments are well-suited for living alone or with a relatively small family. People have more options to pursue their own lifestyle nowadays. The apartment lifestyle is likable to a lot of young people and retired people for different reasons. For young people, they would choose apartments literally in the city center or busy areas, where they have easy access to bars, pubs, restaurants, theatres, and sports facilities. For elder people, apartments with embedded facilities and building managers would make their life easier than living in a house. Usually, there would be public space in apartments, where residents can use it freely without any maintenance.

3. Maintenance
Here we come to maintenance; apartments require less maintenance than with houses. First, they are smaller, which means less upkeep and cleaning. In new developments, it also means you would move into a brand-new facility built to the very latest safety and construction requirements. Second, no garden maintenance is needed if without a garden area. Apartment residents don’t need to weed, water, or mow the lawn. Just enjoy the common green areas which are cared for by the building corporate or management services.

4. Affordability
Smaller space also means fewer expenses in heating, cooling, cleaning and utility fees. The small space and simplicity of an apartment can be ideal for those who want affordable bills. It’s also possible to cut down on car use, since many apartments are in the CBD free tram zone, where you can jump on a tram without touching on your Myki Card, or you just walk to the places you want to go.

5. Security
An apartment offers a certain amount of security – not just anyone can get in. You would get a security card along with your key. You need to swipe your card to enter the building and use the lifts. Besides, the security card can only take you to your own floor and the common area floor. You would also have in intercom embedded in your doorway. It would show who is ringing your doorbell. Larger buildings may even have staff at the door, and car parks, the lobby, and possibly hallways or communal areas may be monitored by CCTV.

6. Sustainability
Smaller spaces mean less heating, air conditioning, and energy-consuming. Nowadays, more and more apartment buildings are being built with sustainability and natural light. Also, residents can share the swimming pools and gyms, which means we are on our way to a sharing economy.

7. Bonus service
Besides all the pros above, there is also a bonus point. Living in apartments can bring access to many amenities that you might not get if you live in houses. Apartments usually come with facilities that you, as a resident of the building, have access to. You can use facilities like swimming pools, common rooms, gyms, roof decks, and entertainment rooms, etc. Some buildings will also offer childcare, pet-sitting, laundry, or car washing services.

Apartment living offers so many wonderful benefits. It is definitely a lifestyle worth thinking about if you are students, young professionals, young couples, or retired couples. But there are also some drawbacks. Click the link below for a more thoughtful decision about switching from houses to apartments, or just start your life with apartments.

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