How to keep your apartment warm in winter?

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How to keep your apartment warm in winter?

home tips

1. Smart use of carpet.

Fluffy things are particularly popular in winter, from pajamas, slippers to bed sheets. Smart use of carpet will keep your apartment warm. If your apartments are carpeted, that’s good. If you have hard floors, you can put carpets between the cold floor and your feet. It will make a difference, so consider covering hard floors with rugs.

2. Curtains are amazing

Curtains will keep your apartment warm in winter, and also cool in summer. Up to 40% of heating energy can be lost through windows, so pull the blind closed to keep the warmth in your room. A cloth curtain will also make you have a warmer feeling.

3. Seal your doors and windows.

There is usually some space in your doors and windows that are not completely sealed. Track down any gap in your home, particularly around doors and windows, and seal them up.

You can use door snakes, seal tap, silicon seal tape, and stripes. Try to measure the size of your doors and windows before you go shopping in a hardware store.

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