Recommendation #3 - Docklands, Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms

Popular properties in Docklands





Recommendation #3 - Docklands, Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms

Popular properties in Docklands

1. Excellent Location

docklands: close to Melbourne CBD's waterfront suburb, was once Melbourne city's most important wharf, once experienced a busy period of freight. Until the 1990s, the Melbourne city government found that Docklands had a great location, close to the city center, and had beautiful sea views. It was wasteful for it to just be a pier. After nearly 20 years of transformation, Docklands is no longer the same as before. Now Docklands is a central hub for new businesses, like Fujitsu, AMP, and Myer headquarter are all located here, which had formed three populated areas of New Quay, Victoria Harbour, and Yarra's Edge.
Furthermore, this excellent location is also within the free tram zone, allowing free transportation around the streets of the inner city, how can we miss such a cost-efficient opportunity! Not to mention the surrounding infrastructures, Woolworths, Hoyts, Costco, and Asian supermarkets or delicacies, all at your fingertips.

2. Wonderful Environment

Would you like to see a sunset over the sea from your bed? 
Would you like to take pictures of the one you loved at the beach? 
Would you like to taste different kinds of seafood? 
Living in Docklands can satisfy all your fantasies about "home". You do not have to drive to the beach anymore and can experience "Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms" next to your home

3. Various lifestyles

First, we set off from New Quay, which has our apartment 8 Marmion Pl.
You on the weekend can lie on the bed until the sun shines all over the room, walking to the balcony to breathe the new fresh air from the harbor. From this warm apartment, heading east 400 meters, you can enjoy the super cost-effective New Quay Buffet, including seafood and various cuisines, should not be missed! After the meal, heading north is the District Docklands, there is a pink Ferris wheel to satisfy your girl's heart, also the interesting and somewhat creepy ArtVo Immersive Optical Illusion Gallery.
After an exciting afternoon, there is no need to worry about dinner, heading towards home, you will walk past two fancy floating restaurants - Cargo, and Berth, or you could watch an exciting entertaining event in the Marvel Stadium, or you could simply come to Alumbra to disco.

Life at Docklands will never be boring.

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