Healthy problems you may face during the pandemic time





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Healthy problems you may face during the pandemic time



The COVID-19 Lockdown worsens the situation that some people cannot sleep well at night. The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t affect everyone in the same way, but it does affect the people who previously experience anxiety and other physical/mental problems.


1. Change / Lack of Daily Routine

Since we started work from home, disruption of daily schedule makes us more struggling when we want to get a good sleep. Changes of our daily schedule or lack of schedule both add difficulties to track our time. Previously, we have the right point every day, such as go to work, pick up kids, and do exercise.  Being stuck at home, especially if it has low levels of natural light, may reduce light-based cues for wakefulness and sleep, known as zeitgebers, which are crucial to our circadian rhythm.


2. Anxiety and worry

Whether you are worried about getting sick or infect other people, you will experience an increased level of anxiety during this pandemic time. Work stress or unemployment would both add to people’s anxiety levels. We know little about the coronavirus and have no idea how long the lockdown will last. These uncertainties may make our mind restless and thus, keep us toss and turn at night.


3. Excessive screen time

Social distance and isolation may increase your screen time, such as binge-watching movies, zoom meetings, and longer screen time. Blue light from screens can suppress the natural production of melatonin, a hormone that the body makes to help us sleep.


Do you have any ideas on how to handle these challenges?

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