Good Tips for first time renters








Kristy Zhang

Good Tips for first time renters



1. Give the owner confidence around rent payments

Younger renters, especially those still studying, can benefit significantly from having a parent or guardian on the lease.

A letter of guarantor from a parent or legal guardian guarantees that they are willing to go onto the lease as well and pay the rent should you find yourself in any financial trouble.

As a first time renter with no leasing history or rental references, a parent or guardian providing evidence of a consistent, full-time income provides the leasing agent and landlord with both piece of mind of capacity to meet the financial requirements of the lease.


2. Cover letter and references

To help your application stand out include a cover letter explaining your situation and provide character references

These references should be from people who know you well, for example a professional reference from an employer, a school principal or university lecturer

Other referees may include a neighbour, teacher, coach, business person, doctor or accountant who can vouch for your reliability and good character.


3. Provide clear evidence of employment

If you are a first time renter and already employed, the real estate agent will require proof of employment to confirm and verify your income

Each application will require three consecutive pay slips, or a bank statement indicating proof of funds

To keep your application at the top of the pile, a letter from your employer describing your reliability and the integral nature of your role to the company can add weight to your application.  


4. Be prepared

Have your application completed and supporting documents ready to go. This will speed up the process, as the agent won’t be waiting on information.

Remember, someone else can still apply while the leasing agent is waiting to receive all the required information to support your application, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.


5. The devil is in the details

Finally, don't be afraid to provide the landlord and leasing agent with as much detail as possible.

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